Connect your Car.

Earn rewards.

Own your data.

Get in early with the most useful, user-owned IoT network in web3 by connecting to DIMO.

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Get started with DIMO

If you have an app with your car (like the Tesla app, FordPass, Onstar Connect, or Toyota App) you may be able to connect your car and start earning right away.

If you car is ineligible to connect via software, you can purchase a DIMO Miner (like a Helium hotspot, but it connects to your car).

Connect your car

Many users can connect their car to DIMO without hardware. You may need to purchase a DIMO Data Miner.

Collect your own vehicle data

Don't let your automaker be the only one to collect the data from your car. You can take ownership of the data, storing it and sharing it as you see fit.

Earn while you're connected

DIMO rewards drivers who connect and keep their cars connected to DIMO. Over time, earnings from DIMO to drivers will be driven by the use of data, as well as apps and services in the DIMO ecosystem.

Use mobility apps and services

Like Ethereum, DIMO is building a developer platform on top of which new applications will be built. In the future, you will use "Connect with DIMO" to easily sign up for apps and services that use your car data.

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